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Bondili Nageswari Singh
TCS, Mumbai
Sahaja Yoga
Bondili.Nageswari , Mumbai, India
The Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Sahaja Yoga a gift to Humanity

HER HOLINESS SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI through mass realization introduced seekers to Sahaja Yoga. A yoga which kindles faith and leads to fulfillment of all the desires, and ultimately leading to attain liberation. SHRI MATAJI made it very simple and effective to strengthen the seeking among the Sahaj Yogis. HER relentless battle against all odds resulted in giving fool proof technique. SHE silenced many false gurus. HER mission with full of zeal and compassion helped to emancipate humans to achieve impossible goals of attaining sainthood. SHE toured extensively throughout the globe in order to spread Sahaja Yoga. SHRI MATAJI always advised everyone to meditate in order to realize the inner strength, which awakens the dormant power with in which ultimately takes over all the work and helped to lead virtuous life. SHE is ideal of human race. SHRI MATAJI creates wonders with her divine presence. SHE is very practical and sources of joy. HER Motherly concern towards all is equal devoid of sex, religion, nation and color. SHE practically proved that in sahaja yoga .

After self-realization a person completely transforms and grows to be more responsible towards his duties, concern towards fellow beings and nature surrounding him. Then he is called as Sahaja Yogi. All sahaja yogis bathe in the cool breeze in HER divine presence. Even HER photograph emits cool vibrations. A sahaja yogi becomes selfless, the infinite, the eternal and ultimately deathless. The sahaj yogi surpasses all dharmas (duties), gunas (qualities), and time. In sahaja yoga collective meditation centers bring together all sahaja yogis to care and share through meditation. All the men of yore, let us not waste our time ant more. SHRI MATAJI is beckoning all of us to get into the sahaja yoga and evaluate future. We welcome your august presence before MOTHER of all gurus HER HOLINESS MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI.

Collective meditation in Sahaja Yoga